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You take a deep breath and look around the barn, taking in your new surroundings. You're surrounded by other anthropomorphic goats, all milling about and going about their business. You're not sure what you're supposed to do or where you're supposed to go, but you know one thing for sure: you need to get dressed.


You glance down at your chest and feel a twinge of discomfort. You're not used to having such large breasts, and the attention they draw from the other goats is starting to make you feel self-conscious. You try to ignore the stares and focus on finding some clothes to wear.


You start rummaging through a nearby pile of clothes, searching for something that might fit your new body. You're not sure what you're looking for, but you figure anything is better than nothing. Suddenly, a friendly female goat approaches you and offers to help.


She introduces herself as Lily, and she's more than happy to help you find something to wear. As she helps you dress, she explains that you're going to have to stay in this form for a fortnight, until you can find another costume and transform again.


You're not sure how you feel about that, but you're grateful for Lily's help. She's friendly and chatty, and she helps distract you from the discomfort and confusion of your new body. She talks to you about life in the barn, introducing you to some of the other goats and showing you around.


As the day wears on, you start to get more comfortable with your new body. You're still not used to having breasts, and the attention they draw from the other goats is still unsettling, but you're starting to feel like you can handle it. You're starting to feel like maybe you can survive this fortnight after all.


As the sun begins to set, you find yourself curled up in a pile of hay with Lily and a few other goats. You're chatting and laughing, feeling more comfortable and relaxed than you have all day. You're starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, this new life isn't so bad after all. You're starting to feel like maybe you can make it through this fortnight, and maybe even thrive in this new world of goat people.

Written by on 29 April 2023

The end (for now)

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