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“I choose one!” Daniel shouted, raising her talons up in the air like a pony prancing. She couldn't help it. Despite the strangeness of the day, no, because of the strangeness of the day! Daniel's mind danced at the idea of using magic, she could almost see herself now. Waving her talon to summon storms. Created fireballs the size of her head. There were no limits to what she could do.
“Congratulates on choosing to go to school.” Annie nodded her head. “Indra has blessed you for a free education.” Daniel blinked, pay, if the goddess hadn't blessed her? She would have had to pay! Daniel sweated on the idea, thank Indra she didn't. Keeping the ideas of scams of her lips. Daniel leaned in paying careful attention to what was being said next.
“Riddles. A trick of the word. Hints without hints.” Annie smiled, making her plain face glow from plain to pretty. “Magic. A powerful tool in the right talons. Both are the pinnacle of sphinx talents.” Daniel flexed her talon scrapping them along the courtyard tiles. Come on, she urged. “Teaching isn't for you. I'm afraid.” Of course not! Daniel shouted inside, she had only been a sphinx for less than a day! What could she teach others?
“Which is it?” Daniel asked unable to take the drawn out conclusion anymore. “Which is off the table?”

Written by psto1464 on 26 January 2020


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