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Of course Daniel did what any rational person would do at such a sight; scream like a little girl. Covers were sent flying in his swift flight from bed over to the dressing mirror. It was a relief to find a still mostly human self gawking back in his boxers. Only his hand holding the device seemed to have become some kind of furry monster paw.


But that was when Daniel noticed his eyes. While his iris had become a sparkling emerald green, the sclera were blacker than night to make them stand out exponentially. Such an inhuman gaze, evn one of panic, cause Daniel to give another tiny squeal.


"What on earth is going on in here!?"


Daniel blushed red as his bedroom door slammed open. His mother took two steps in eyeing him in equal panic. After a second of confirm her kid was not in mortal peril, the elder woman took a moment to sweep the room. Finding more amounts of nothing to be threatened be, she fixed on Daniel with a quizzical expression.


"Really, Denise? What have I told you about not wearing a bra to bed? You'll thank me when gravity is not your friend in ten years."


"W-what?" There were too many reasons for Daniel's blushing to list. Why would his mom expect her son to wear a bra? He did not even own a bra. "Wait wait wait! Mom! My's...well look!"


Daniel raised up the white paw that had replace his normal extremity. The plastic device still remained clenched between dagger-tipped claws. It was still; a huge toss up if smashing it, or keeping it would be more beneficial towards his current problems.


His mom, on the other hand, was staring like Daniel had gone completely nuts. Granted, that was a very likely possibility in itself. She did seem to regard the toy in his monster hand with a glimmer of some curiosity. The older woman's eyes narrowed as some signs of gears turned inside her head. For a moment Daniel even dared to hope she might notice the fact he had white fur across his hand.




Written by DesmondFallout on 21 July 2018

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