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That damn dial-up static nearly startled Daniel out of his boxers. Yet his Mom merely blinked at his hand, oblivious to such noise cutting through the air. Her pensive expression fell back into a nearly vacant stare as she shifted to meet her son's eyes. Apparently she had no idea why her poor boy was freaking out over the fact white fur was resuming to grow up his wrist. All the skin up to the elbow was consumed in seconds by a shining white pelt. The arm itself thickened with athletic muscle Daniel had never known.


"Did you hurt your hand, sweetie? You know how I feel about those silly dares you get up to with your friends."


"I..I...bwah!?" Daniel gulped for air trying to understand why it felt like he was the one overreacting here. "D-don't I look a little bit different to you?"


His mom glanced to the monster arm again, but only for a moment. With a bemused scoff she replied, "No, and it better stay that way. If your father or I find you trying those piercing mod cards again we'll ground you from your digivice until graduation. Now hurry up and get ready for school. I'm burning breakfast."




Well, that certainly went more...normal than Daniel had been expecting. Almost a full minute passed before he collected enough wits to turn his attention away from the closed door. The exchange still left him terribly unsettled. His mom looked at the furry monster arm like he had been born with it. Did those dream people start reaching out to others he knew or something?


A disturbing question to ponder when he was a little less terrified about the horrific transformation taking place. Daniel needed to get help, and school did sound like the only potential place to find it. Searching Google for 'my hand turned into a paw' only brought up links to weird werewolf and Zootopia fanfiction. Maybe his friends could be a little more helpful. Jake mentioned once he was into that wierd 'furry' stuff getting popular online.


Written by DesmondFallout on 26 July 2018

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