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“So about the leader. What did you think about him?” You asked.
“Oh, he’s a really nice guy actually. We had kind of something going on for a while. Things have been a bit different though, ever since we first came here.” She mentioned.
“Oh I see I see. Why do you think that is?” You asked.
“Something’s just different about him. I think he’s still coping with everything that’s changed so far.” She paused for a moment, being silent for a while.
“Well, he’s a nice guy I think, he just wanted to help everyone out. We all just want that for each other. Like I said earlier, we’re all a family now.” You urged, leaning in close to her for comfort.
“That’s a good goal to have. Like I said, that’s really generous of you.” She mentioned, giving you back an even more reassuring smile as she comforted you.
“Tell me something about yourself though, I mean, you seem to have something going on with the pack leader. So why don’t you tell me a bit more about that.” You continued your interview.
“Oh. Yeah well, he actually has a few different suitors, we all kind of share him and take care of each other’s kids sometimes. Now though, ever since I lost my kid, I had been feeling kind of ostracized by the other members.” She explained. You could tell by her body language that she was very embarrassed about the situation, yet she was absolutely grateful for what you had done for her.
“Well hey, I’m still here for you.” You mentioned.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 19 November 2023

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