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“You know what. I actually agree with you. The leader actually wasn’t right for having more distance with you, especially after everything.” You said.
“... Oh? You think so?” She asked. “I mean, he’s the leader, he should know what’s best” She started. “But… I do appreciate hearing that from you.”
“Yeah. I mean, he’s cool and all, maybe there’s something we could do about this? I don’t know, Maybe I’ll talk to him about it. “
“No it’s fine, you don’t need to talk to him about it.”
“But I will! I want to try helping you out, I bet he’d listen if I-”
“No I told you it’s fine, please do not talk to him about anything we’ve talked about here.”
“I’m serious! I don’t mind helping you out in this fashion.”
“No… Listen to what I’m saying, do NOT Bring it up with him.” she said this time, quite stern. “Please. I’m just asking you nicely. If you’re feeling this way, I just want you to keep quiet about it. Okay?” She begged.
“Okay.” She literally gave you no choice but to agree. “I promise I won’t talk about it to anyone.” You said, finally allowing her to settle down.
“Thank you.” She said, giving you a bit of a side eye as though she didn’t fully trust you. After that conversation, a few things just didn’t exactly seem right to you. Yeah… Something feels a bit off. You couldn’t help but think about it all, and think about all the stuff you were talking about with the other female seal.
Of course, you didn’t mean to leak any of the information or even treat the leader any differently after it but somehow others were starting to catch on, maybe it was your subversive behavior towards him, or if you had even let yourself slip a few times, somehow things just weren't right.
One day, you were approached by the leader of the opposite group. He seemed friendly enough but only this time he was questioning you pretty intensely. You didn’t know what it was about, but it made you feel kinda weird to get questions, particularly about your leader and what you really felt about him. It was pretty strange, but it didn’t even last very long, so it wasn’t all that bad, though, you had no idea what it could have been about. When it was all over, he had asked you to go somewhere with him and of course you had agreed.
It happened when you both were swimming. Something started to feel off- a dark shadow started to follow you and before long you both were darting, getting away from something unknown to you. Your heart was beating hard but you were following the leader as quickly as you could. All of a sudden, he darted into the depths of an icy cave and you tried following. To your dismay, your body was still too large to be able to fit. Suddenly, the dark shadow was upon you. Just like that, your game hard-reset and you were back to the start. Honestly, you didn’t even know what hit you.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 23 November 2023

The end (for now)

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