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"M-me?! I'm a…" Daniel's muzzle slammed closed hard enough for Jake to hear her fangs click together. The idea of almost self-identifying her gender for the first time made her tail curl low between her legs. It almost felt like she was giving up after only being a guy some hours ago.


But was it really? The current state of reality was not so bad. Fur aside, some things were a lot better.


Unfortunately, Jake took her suddenly meek posture in a very demotivating light. That smug bravado returned as he swept close to brush Daniel's free hand. "Hey, if our brave ninja is suddenly feeling like a delicate flower I'd be happy to hold your hand. I'll even take the lead."


"Like hell, you will!" Daniel whipped her hand back like it's three fingers had been burned. She did not want to pause to think about what constituted her as a 'ninja.' Instead, her flashlight shot down the hallway guiding her fuming paw steps. Each one hit the floor near silently, yet raised small clouds of dust on impact. "A 'Shaggy' like you wouldn't last one punch from me, much less whatever 'evil beast' is lurking around here."


"Like zoinks, Denise! We're really in a pickle now."


"Okay, one; that is the worst impression I've ever heard. And two; shut up! I hear something."


Daniel lowered her flashlight craning an ear down the hallway. A soft beeping was emitting from something further down, but the acoustics made it hard to determine which door the noise was coming from. Curiosity overruled common sense, and she crept along the dark corridor making silent paw prints in the dust.


If only Jake could have been as quiet, or even stayed behind. He was practically riding her tail with footsteps like thunder in Daniel's animal ears.


The first two rooms were empty. Not even furniture laid around the place. Although, both friends did take note the windows were coated in something thick and ridged. It almost looked like dried tar stopping even a sliver of daylight from breaking in. That helped explain the brighter glow of their flashlights this far in.




"Uh, Denise?" Jake tapped the Renamon on her shoulder and nearly getting elbowed again in her fright. "Don't take this as a come on, but your ass is beeping."


Written by DesmondFallout on 25 October 2018


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