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"The fuck?" Daniel reached back into her skirt pocket. There was only one other possession on her person; her digivice.


She palmed the thing in one hand to illuminate it with her flashlight. The little glass screen flashed in rhythm to a deeper toned beeping that was in sync with the one down the hallway. All it displayed was an arrow illuminated by the blinking light. When Daniel tried to move her device around it shifted along to stay pointed at the last door to her left.


"So this place is connected to everything about me?" Daniel had not realized she spoke her thoughts aloud.


It certainly took Jake by surprise. "Whoa! What? You say your an adopted military animal?"


"Maybe? I'm sure not a cereal mascots."


"Hey, I'd pay good money to eat your frosted flakes."




The beeping from both sources suddenly picked up in frequency, discouraging Jake to respond. Daniel had to gesture a few times before he understood to step back. She then pressed against the wall to inch closer and crane one eye into the doorway.


A few seconds of observation dropped her tail along with all tension.


"It's just garbage?"


"Really?" Jake pushed Daniel's ears aside to get a view in too. No clue how such enormous sensors had not heard him approach. "Looks like someone's iPod speakers."


He was not wrong. A single bar stool was erected under a low hanging lightbulb. On it was a more modern looking device. It had a thick platform supporting two towers between a large docking port.


Daniel rechecked her digivice. Not only was it pointing at the small machine, but it even had a USB jack on the bottom. That was new.


Written by DesmondFallout on 27 October 2018


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