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Using second person write a story about a magic board and card game that transforms the players when they play cards but they remain human until then.


Rewrite the following page "At first, you and your friends are ecstatic about your new game, You eagerly unbox the game and start setting up the board, shuffling the cards, and placing the figurines at random places on the hex board


But something goes wrong. As the dice leave your hand , the room begins to change. The walls and the door start to dissolve into a dense, unpassable fog. Panic sets in as you and your friends realize that you are trapped, with no way out.


The dice roil and bounce. Three card float up from the deck in front of you.


The board fades out apart from the hex within the dice roll. All your friends have disappeared as well.


Suddenly, the cards start to glow, and a voice speaks to you from nowhere.


"Congratulations, you are now playing. Should you lose all your cards you will lose the level. If all players lose you will be ejected from the game. Each level you have won would determine your prize"


ou look around frantically, trying to find a way out, but it seems like you're stuck in this strange dimension until you complete the game. With no other option, you cautiously pick up the cards and study them.


You notice that each card has a set of attributes, and you realize that they're not just random phrases but actual physical traits.


"Your goal for this level is to find your friends before you run out of cards" the voice says "But first you must pick a hex to travel to"


You point to a random hex and watch as your figurine moves in response.


A card floats up from the hex "You have run into the mighty sphinx. She challegens you to her riddle. What do you do?"

Written by - on 04 May 2023

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