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Daniel looked around the group of friends, “Ok, I want to ask Truth or Dare of all of you, all at once.” His mind was racing, taking in the events of the last few moments. The mist outside, the strange fugue state his friends were in, it was making an odd sort of sense. He looked down and then across at all of them, “Afterwords, I’ll do the same for you.”


They all looked at one another, and then nodded in unison. “Very well,” they said, speaking as one, “Dare.”


Daniel stood up and opened the windows to the living room, letting the fog roll in, the light mist from outside chilling the already well air conditioned parlor.


“I dare you all, to snap out of it, and to stay snapped out of whatever’s got your minds muddled.”


Pammy, Jake, David and Gassan turned their heads to the left, as they breathed in the mist, and then began to yell and clutch their hands to their temples. Daniel shook, his friends in obvious pain, but soon they leaned forward only to throw their heads back and yell before going limp on the floor.


Pammy was the first to awaken, sitting up and holding her head. “What happened..? How’d you all get in here?”
Daniel ran to her and helped her to her feet as the others began to stir. “All I know is know is, I woke up and my house was empty, the streets were silent and I came here to see if you all were alright. You were like drones and wanted me to play Truth or Dare with you. Gassan dared me to bark like a dog, and,” he paused, grabbing her by the shoulders and looking her in the eye, “I swear to you, my voice CHANGED into a dog’s voice. It happened when I was outside, and there’s this crazy mist. I think it has something to do with it.”


Pammy moaned, her temples aching. “What about us?”


“I dared you all to snap out of it, it seemed to work, although I don’t think it was supposed to do that. It’s probably why it stings. I bent the rules of whatever it was.”


“You were always good at finding the plotholes in things.”
Daniel smiled, “I’m a writer, it’s sorta what I do.”


“Well, you’ll have a hell of a story to tell with this one.”

Written by Jack Ripper on 30 November 2015


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