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Jake soon sat up, listening in on the conversation. He’d been an avid fan of the “furry fandom” for some time, it giving him a slight social stigma, but his friends stuck with him, not caring about it. Hell, it was becoming a bit mainstream anymore these days. He stood up, his shoulder length black hair fell in front of his face. Wiping it back with the back of his left hand, he let out a grunt from the pounding in his mind.


“What. The. Hell.” Jake murmured, blinking rapidly until light and shadow stopped doing their best to impersonate a kaleidoscope in his vision. Gravity was the next obstacle to conquer, along with the control of his limbs but soon he was standing and looking at Pammy and Daniel.


It was Daniel who ran over to steady Jake as he had a moment of vertigo, guiding him to a chair. “Whoa, there man. I’ve got ya.” Daniel looked to Pammy, gesturing to David and Gassan, who were still in the throes of headache and coming to. “Go get them some water, I’ll try my best to make sure they’re doing ok.”


Pammy nodded, running off towards the kitchen, her voice calling out from the other room, “Wait a second, where are my parents?!” She stormed back in, putting a pitcher of water, chilled from the refrigerator and a handful of red plastic cups on the coffee table, looking imploringly at Daniel.


He put his hands up, in a half-self defeating way, “I just got here, I literally have 3 minutes more experience than the rest of you lot. Hell, go check the rooms. Jake, you stay here and make sure David and Gassan are OK. I’m going to head to my place and see if my folks are there or not.”
Jake nodded, his trembling hands spilling a bit of the water on his khaki cargo shorts. “You got it man, you can count on me.”

Written by Jack Ripper on 02 December 2015

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