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Once he felt he was ready, Daniel lay back down, resting his head on the pillow and closing his eyes. For the third time, a memory flooded back to him; and this one was, in a way, unpleasant. He was back to a first person perspective, feeling what he could only describe as crippling agony as something tugged at his body. The memory filled his senses, overloading them, unlike anything else he’d ever felt before. Intense fear and pain caused Daniel to stiffen upon the bed, though he remained unwilling to open his eyes and snap himself out of it. Now wasn’t the time to chicken out. All he could see was the shore of the beach, and the frothy waves lapping at the sand, almost reaching out desperately toward him. He could feel himself being dragged, yanked, and tugged backwards - away from the comfort the sea seemed to now offer him. Muffled, incoherent voices reached his ears as he was dragged, feeling his body twist uncomfortably and squirm in his desperate attempts to escape.


However, rather abruptly, the dragging stopped - only for the tugging sensation to return; it was as if someone was trying to pull something off of him. Before long, he felt his body being roughly pushed aside, and the tugging stopped - only then did Daniel finally see a figure walking around and in front of him, dragging a pristine, grey coat behind them. It was dragged through the sand, but the mere sight of the coat was alluring..yes; he remembered now. That coat, that precious coat - it felt as if it belonged to his whole being, and in a way, it did. As he focused on the stranger dragging it off, that horrible pain returned - causing Daniel to jolt from the memory a third time. His eyes snapped open, and he promptly sat upright, his eyes now wide with a mixture of alarm and mild distress. The lasting image in his mind was that damn coat - everything about it made Daniel feel as though he was drawn to it. It’s significance in his life was still a mystery to him; he remembered it belonged to him, but why was it so important? The alluring pull, the desire to feel the tangible coat in his hands, around his frustrating as it was, to know it was currently out of his reach.


Where was it…?


Who had taken it?


Where had it been hidden away?

Written by monochromecheshire on 18 April 2017


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