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The endless amount of questions swirled like a tornado of unsettling thoughts around in Daniel’s head as he paused to think long and hard, growing more and more troubled all the while. He wanted to find this coat; no, he needed to find it. Something about the damn thing was drawing Daniel in; the loss of this article of clothing felt distressingly personal, and the broken memory alone confirmed it. Feeling incredibly uncomfortable at this point, Daniel straightened up and turned slightly, hesitating for a moment before he swung his legs over the side of the bed and got up from it. Any previous pains in his head had subsided since the last memory, thankfully, even as he began to pace nervously back and forth across the room, feeling incredibly restless. He didn’t like this; that coat belonged to him, it had been precious to him, and someone had ripped it away from him.


How dare they? Why take his coat?


This was an item that his mind branded a label of unknown but immense importance with, and it had been taken from him; hidden from him at that; for the many years of his life. His mother and father had never mentioned anything like this to him; not a peep about the damn coat, let alone any hints about why his memory had been so poor from childhood and onwards. Continuing his restless pacing, Daniel bit his lip nervously - only to abruptly pause mid-step and glance around his bedroom, thinking for a moment or two. His gaze scanned the small room, eyes drifting from his bed, to his drawers, and then to his closet. Daniel hesitated for just a moment, before he straightened up and headed straight to his dresser drawers, blindly and frantically beginning to dig through them.


Of course, there was no sign of the coat, but it had been worth a shot to look anyways. His hands beginning to shake all over again, Daniel actually yanked out one of the drawers in frustration, emitting an irritated grunt before he let the large drawer drop from his hands and onto the floor with a clatter, t-shirts and shorts draping over the edges of the drawer or laying scattered on the floor. “W-Where is it…?” He choked out the question; though admittedly, he was mostly asking himself; but his voice was shaking just as much as his hands, as desperation grabbed tightly ahold of him. He needed to find his coat, now. Ridden with frustration, Daniel searched his mind for those godforsaken memories, wanting something, anything - a tiny hint that could help him figure out exactly where his coat was located, but none came. That was it; he couldn’t rely on these damn memories any longer - he needed to keep looking for himself.


Written by monochromecheshire on 26 April 2017


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