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When the matter of the flying werewolf first surfaced,you thought it only another stupid hoax or internet story that somehow had found its way in the pages of a regular newspaper.


It was the middle of the summer, a time you hate worse than any other in the year. Yeah, people would be running about, enjoying the sun and the bright sky, but you prefer the cold, damp isolation of your room. Safely seated behind your computer, talking to your friends and working on grinding a few more levels in Shell Shock.


The game was some kind of hidden indie pearl that you and your friends had discovered in the last year. The game showed a near-future demon invasion storyline, in which Earth was being conquered by parasitic demons from the hellish dimensions. These parasites would take over humans and animals hosts, corrupt and twist them for their nefarious purposes, equipped with advanced weaponry and eldritch sorcery they had overwhelmed most of the humanity.
In the game, you play a human recruit in the Heaven Alliance, tasked with using a variety of advanced weapons, deadly spells, and fierce chimeras to fight off the invasion.


The game had little over a million active players all around the world, but even then clawing your way up into the top ten had been no easy feat. What the Shell Shock players lacked in number they compensated in determination and skill.It took you the best part of the year in daily practice before you could even manage to get to the top one hundred. But after that you seem to have found your balance, and in the months that followed, you made a spectacular rise into the top ten.

Written by Ashley-natter on 04 October 2016

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