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You pull up your friends list. David, Pammy and Jake were already logged in. You quickly switch on your microphone and join on their private voice-chat line.


“You still won’t admit I’m right?” David was shouting as you logged in.


“I told you, your argument proves nothing!” Pammy said. “I still think that episode 7 was much better than anything in the new trilogy! Anakin and Obi Wan spent the whole time twirling and spinning like some kind of ballet dancer! Meanwhile in episode 7 they were having a sword fight!”


“But that’s because they are masters in the force and can predict each other moves!” David retorted.


“I don’t care,” Pammy said gleefully. “It was still really lame and relied too much in impossible acrobatics and set pieces to be an awesome duel. With the new one you can feel each blow and see the fighters struggling to get the upper hand!”


“Sorry to interrupt, guys,” You say. “Are you two still going at it?”


“Daniel!” David called out. “I didn’t see you log in!”


“You’re late, noob,” Pammy said. “And David won’t shut up about Star Wars!”


“I’m right on time,” You say. “We have a few minutes before the mission begins.”


“Yeah, but you are the one that likes to obsess over your loadout and fighting formations…” Pammy said.


“Today we will have to improvise,” You say.


You don’t want to tell them, but you have been felling weird all day. You feel distant, disconnected.


“Hey guys,” Gassan says as he log in. “It’s raining really heavily around here, so maybe I’ll randomly disconnect during the match.”


You clear your throat. “Time is short. Let’s talk mission, guys.”


“If this is another Juggernaut takedown, I’m out,” David said. “I’ll bail and play Battlefield instead.”


“What’s the matter?” You ask. “Don’t you enjoy a challenge?”


“I enjoy a challenge,” David replies. “I’m not a masochist like you.”

Written by Ashley-natter on 11 October 2016

Both The Juggernaut

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