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"What!? NO!!"


By the time Daniel had realized what that outburst had meant it was too late. Her hand shot for the digivice only to slam rigid several inches away. The static noises erupted with a pitch that had Jake falling to his knees cupping his ears in pain. Otherwise, he would have seen they were coming from Daniel's hanging open muzzle.


Daniel's arm fell back limp against her plump hip. Her whole body fell into a relaxed state that barely had her supported on her pawed feet. Emerald eyes fluttered as they rolled towards the ceiling, and then into the back of her diamond-shaped skull.


Static overwhelmed Daniel's mind thanks to its link with her digivice. She was being fed a large clump of fresh data fast as cable internet. There was no way for her to hold onto a single thought, much less consciousness. Soon as she began to recall a memory or fact, it was yanked away, altered, and placed back differently according to the dictations of her small toy.


With each second a little bit of Daniel became refitted into the reality already set for her. Recollections of a once ordinary teenage boy were replaced by that of a furry yellow fox monster. Like the time her parents explained how they received Daniel's egg through the mail without a return address. Unable to have a child they adopted the adorable little fox that popped out after a week of care. It was only after months of collecting data from books and TV they realized she was more than some abnormal dog.


Of course, there were glitches in Daniel's new software. Some inconsistencies in a lifetime were hard for a simple operating system to rewrite together. Those were merely dumped to let the hardware relearn or forget on her own. That was what the external data collection subroutines were for.


Written by DesmondFallout on 01 November 2018

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