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You watch in stunned silence as the bark grows up your legs and pushes out, forming a tree trunk where your legs once were. Below the surface of the earth you can feel your toes and the heel of your foot digging deeper and deeper into the soil. You start hyperventilating as the bark crawls up your sternum. You finally find it in you to call out for help, but all you do is run out of breath. You try and suck air back into your lungs, but the bark is up to your neck, which means your lungs are most likely gone, replaced by tree. You're still trying when the bark reaches your lips, and your mouth and throat fill in with wood. The last thing you see as the bark covers your eyes is a vast canopy of leaves covering you. You feel your branches continue to grow, and your roots delving into the ground. Then there is nothing. You're hearing is gone, as is your sight. Oddly you can breath, smell, and taste through your leaves. You can feel the bark, the roots, and every single leaf. It's fascinating when you think about it.


You start to calm down, and enjoy the peaceful breeze blowing though you. You could stay like shake yourself out the thought mentally.


"Help!" you cry out with your mind. At first no one answers, but then you feel a tiny voice in your mind.


"You'll be a tree for a hundred years, give or take," the voice whispers. "You can't talk to the other trees until your roots touch theirs. Concentrate and you'll be able to make them grow."


You try, and manage it. You branch out your roots, seeking another to talk to, so at least you won't loose your mind. Then the voice speaks again.


"That's right, you're doing it. Right now you're the only tree not connected, so once you touch another, you'll be connected to the whole forest." Then she adds with a giggle "of course then you'll be stuck as a tree forever, but that's not so bad is it?"


You stop immediately, but is it too late?

Written by An Anonymous Wierdo on 19 March 2008

Yes, you touch another root.
No, just in time.

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