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Whew! That was close. star star star emptystar emptystar

You stop immediately when you hear whoever this is say that. You can hear her giggling in your head.


"Gotten cozy with the locals yet?" she asks "Let me just check. your not hooked up yet, I'll bet your close though. Close enough that if the other permanent residents should find out you're here then they'd probably start branching out to look for you. Yes, knowing them that's exactly what they'd do. It's a good thing they don't know. Of course it could be a very bad thing for them to find out. So, how about this. You be a good boy, or girl (I forget which one you were frankly), and do what I tell you, and make me happy, and I'll keep your attendance as a forest resident a secret. Get me mad, and I'll rat you out, or is that...root you out?" she laughs at you again.


It isn't much of a choice.

Written by An Anonymous Wierdo on 19 March 2008


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