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Maybe jumping right into this broad daylight wasn’t the best idea. You figured that if you had the chance, you should at least wait until the humans would be caught more off guard. From your perspective, everything seemed like it’d be doable but you could never know what was in those tents. You figured that you would rather be safe than sorry, simply because you didn’t want to end up causing more harm to the pack than you could have. After a quick moment of ponderance, you finally figured out exactly what you were going to do.
“Okay, I think we should actually wait it out a bit. We would have better odds of being successful if we could really truly catch them off guard. I know about humans, they have all sorts of weapons and technology far beyond your comprehension. We must be strategic about things.” You mentioned. To your surprise, everyone seemed to agree.
For a while, you all stayed just out of sight, huddled up in the snowy wind and as the sun started to set, or at least shine at a slightly different angle, once the cover of snowy wind started to kick up, you figured it would be the perfect time to make your move.
You waited and waited for a while but for some reason night didn’t seem to come. “Must be the seasons or something.” you thought to yourself and after a bit more thought you realized that the sun will not be setting.
Luckily for you though, your waiting seemed to pay off. You could see the humans starting to gather their things and leave the tent. They were so strapped with stuff that you could tell that they were probably going to be gone for some time. Just like that, you and your team mobilized as well, following close enough behind.
Quick! They had ducked into a cut in this massive glacier ice wall and completely unbeknownst to them, you were all on their heels. “Hey. Stay out here. I’m going to follow them.” You mentioned, making sure that the pack would have some way to find you if anything happened. “You can follow my footsteps in there, if I’m not out in about fifteen minutes, send one subsequent person afterward each interval.” You explained. Once everyone got what you were trying to say, you quickly hurried in behind the humans. At this point, it was all up to you now. As you followed them deeper, you realized you had to quickly find out what your plan was.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 12 January 2024

Both Seek and Destroy

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