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You knew you already had the element of surprise on you. They had no idea you were coming after them. Still, you made sure to stay a safe distance behind, making sure to keep a good eye on them as well. You used the flat flippers to walk silently on the snow behind them until you were close enough then when you were just barely close enough you decided to launch your attack.
Full force, you charged in with raging teeth and claws until you were soon upon the humans. They were undoubtedly surprised by your presence- maybe it was just the shock of your sudden and odd appearance, but the two humans were definitely jarred by your attack. Still, the lower seal-taur part of your body was still slow and sluggish as your flippers slid across the powdery snow. There was less traction underneath the already-stomped down snow so it was just a bit more slippery, regardless, the crunch of your fins gave away your presence as you slipped into the human nearest to you.
Suddenly, before you knew it, you felt the burn of something foreign in your eyes. You were no longer able to see and in the blur of the moment you could hear something about bear mace. At that moment it was all clear to you. Still, the feeling of the icy cold all around you just intensified the sensation and at some point you weren’t even able to see.
The world was moving so quickly around you but you could feel the fingers of the humans prodding around you as they curiously wondered what the heck you could have been. In that process, you didn’t even realize that you had been transported back to the very beginning of your adventure until you came back around, suddenly, just as quickly as you had gotten yourself into this dangerous position, you had gotten right back out of it.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 11 February 2024

The end (for now)

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