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Your mind was racing, something felt like time was running out. Slowly, you approached Barley’s body on the table- unmoving, you were afraid of the worst.
“Barley?” You called out to him.
“Huh? Who’s there?” the Samoyed was unable to lift his head from the table. “Is that you? Hero?” He questioned before you moved into his field of vision.
“What’s going on here? Are you hurt?” You asked. Concerned for his health, you were wondering how you could get him out of this weird mechanism. His arms were held down on each side of him as if he were being prepared for some kind of burial ceremony. You hoped your assumptions weren’t correct as you examined all around the table. Your eyes scoured across the smooth black surface he was on for any places the shackles would have had any give.
Your powerful fingertips dug firmly around the metallic cuffs, they were on firmly. You also took a peek underneath the table, feeling it with your fingertips for anything that could have given some kind of indication of freedom. Something like a switch, a lever, even something hidden underneath the raised edge- anything you could have done to find a way out for your friend.
Suddenly, the ticking of a clock started to sound out around the room, you noticed the four walls starting to slowly close inwards, yet there seemed to be no mechanism on the inside bringing them in. You wondered what this could have been, why it was here, and whether the walls were going to close in completely around the canine, and yourself!
“Uh! What was that?” He asked, trying to look around, suddenly, you saw him noticing something on the ceiling which shocked him to his core. “Tomb… Room?” He said aloud, confused. This must have been some kind of device meant to encapsulate a captive within some kind of hard granite sarcophagus, based on the shape of the room surrounding you. When you took a look at the space just underneath the table, you realized the floor was also cut out like a negative of the bottom of the tomb room.
“Uh oh!” now you had a few different things to worry about, not only the limited amount of time you had to free your friend, but also how you both would manage to get out.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 08 January 2022

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