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Where the hell...what the...where am I?


Gassan's eyes fluttered open to a blinding light above him. At first he thought it was the sun, but when he hid the light behind his arm, the room around him came to life. The smaller tiles on the walls matched the eggshell white of the floor, maybe a little lighter due to the high rises above. There was an operating table too, right next to him. A tray of needles sat unused next to it. White cupboards dotted the room, all of them sealed with what looked like a combination lock. There was fur under the other table. And near the door. And the cupboards. And near his own table.
He looked down and noticed two lumps protruding from his chest. The lightly toned lumps were attached to his chest, pointing outward with a soft pink crescent at the tip. He reached for them, jabbing a claw into the soft flesh-


He thrust his paws forward, each finger adorned with a sharp, obsidian claw. The cream fur that held the breasts spread to his whole body except for the black paw pads on his palms. He felt his entire body, he was slimmer and had more of a backside than he had before...with a...a tail attached. A thin tail thwacked the metal table he was sitting on. And he was the one doing it. He continued his search, attempting to feel any sort of his human flesh. To no avail. A shiver spreading through his body when his fingers met with his crotch. There was nothing there, a phrase Gassan rarely used in relation to that area of his body. He paused to let that sink in, his arms dropping to his side.


He was not the smartest at school, but it was not hard to put two-and-two together. He -she- had been transformed somehow. Into...this. A cat?


"Do you like it?" A voice from the speakers above her filled the silence of the room. "It is definitely an improvement."


She looked up at the ovular speakers and glared. "Who are you? And why the hell am I a...this?"


A low chuckle came through, sending the fur on her body to bristle. "You will learn to love it. Just like your friends have."


Her eyes grew wide. "M-my friends? They're here?"


"Yes, SPH-003F. They are here. They have been changed just like you for the greater of all."


"Greater of all?"


"You have a nasty habit of repeating things, SPH-"


"My name's Gassan!" she roared.


There was silence. A door at the very end of the room slid open, leaving her fur sill unsettled.


"Come, SPH-003F, you are a pivotal role in what is to come. I want you to be the first to witness beauty in its rawest form."


Her eyes narrowed and fixated above her again. "Tell me where my friends are," she demanded.


"Come, and I will tell you everything."

Written by Cole Stryker on 23 August 2015

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