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The speaker shut off and left her in silence again. Who knows what's behind that door, all she could see was darkness. Who's to know it's not a trap? Or some type of experiment that will leave her trapped in a maze or something. The endless possibilities sent her head spinning with both good and bad outcomes. But his friends could be through that door. They showed her so much when she first came to America to study. They were the first group who openly welcomed her and didn't ignore her in the halls, they saw her and helped her get her bearings. They taught her some English words she was still struggling with like "bayou", "cooties", and "y'all". They gave her the courage to ask out one of the popular girls and indirectly paved her way for becoming popular. She would not abandon them here in this Hell-hole knowing they look like...this, now.
SPH-003F got up from the cold table, almost falling. She caught herself on the edge of the table and steadied herself. She was taller than before, something she always wished she was.


"I see you are a quick learn," the voice came back. "It takes patients much more time to master standing, let alone walking."


She made it to the door in a couple strides, perking her ears towards the speaker to catch what the voice said. But it was silent, whatever it just said she would never know.


You can do this, Gassan.


She took a deep breath then stepped into the darkness. The door shut quickly behind her. Her eyes darted around but could not see anything, she backpedaled into the door, causing her to jump up with a yelp. She shook herself and felt around until the door's cool surface was against her paw pads.


"Hey! Hey! Open the door! Help! Someone, help!"
The lights flashed on, blinding her. She covered her seething eyes and leaned against the door. As he vision focused on the new room, she was amazed at the change of decor. Instead of the maze or another white tiled room, it was all wood. The oak wood from the walls, floor, and ceiling gleamed off the light from the ornate chandelier as if it had just been put there before she walked in. There was a finely carved desk with papers stacked neatly next to a desktop computer. A bookcase sat behind it that cover the entire wall with books that all seemed to be science related and fairly ancient looking. The wall adjacent to the bookcase was entirely made of glass. And looking through that glass, a man with black hair in a lab coat.
A snarl escaped her throat, surprising even herself. But not the man. He calmly withdrew a cigarette and lit it, dragging out a long puff before speaking. "Let me be the first to apologize for how you got here. Your friends made it clear that you would be uncooperative. And we needed you. Badly."

Written by Cole Stryker on 30 August 2015

"Where are my friends?"

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