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Jake's hand promptly shot up. "I say me!"


"I say, Jake!" agreed Pammy.


Gasson nodded. "I say, Jake."


"I say literally anyone else!" Daniel said through clenched fangs.


"Three to one, sorry girl dog." David gave Daniel a pat on the back clearly undeterred by her pearly chompers.


Surprisingly Jake did not use this as an excuse to pet her as he got close. He turned out to be looking past Daniel to suddenly point as a building with satellite dishes on it. "That looks like a good place to make out, I mean, start our search. Come on girlfriend!"


Daniel looked to the others, who had already started walking off towards the opposite side of the compound. She flicked her tail angrily and stomped her plush pads in the dirt after Jake. "Keep talking, furfag. No one will find your body out here."


Jake laughed all the way to the doorway. The door itself had long since been dislodged and laid among the brown grass. Both of them took a second to fish out flashlights before carefully stepping inside. Shoes and paws crunched on piles of old leaves spreading out three feet from the entrance. The usual spooky elements of urban exploration that made Daniel relieved when her pads touched the solid floor again.


One sweep of the room told them this was not the right building to any labs. Moldy couches rested before a tv stand lacking a tv. A fridge lay on its side with both its doors open to empty space. At least the microwave on a dusty counter looked intact.


"Figures their break rooms got cable," Jake chuckled as he moved to a hallway.


Written by DesmondFallout on 24 October 2018

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