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Clearly the door without screaming death sounds was the safest. You were completely doubtless about the smelly door being the safer one, and soon realized that this wasn’t even a choice for you. To your surprise, what was on the other side was something you would have never expected. You should have noticed the subtle trailing of vines and mold coming from around the door, but you wouldn’t have imagined this much overgrowth on the other side of the door.
It looked like fuzzy mold spores and moist vines writing around something that only vaguely resembles a room. Each side of the floor closest to the squishy feeling fleshy walls had collapsed into a deep gash which looked a great deal like a gushing open flesh wound. Your nose wrinkled, because it sure did smell like a fleshy wound, but only, if you were to replace the meaty cellular decay with a more organic one. Kind of like freshly cut grass, yet more decrepit, more ominous.
In the middle of the round pillar-like room, you see a small thin cylindrical shape jutting from the ground. Resembling a can of beans in its length and width ratio, it gushed with a gassy toxicity which glowed dark green as the mysterious well seemed to breathe with life.
“What is this?” you asked yourself as subtle flashbacks of the jungle just outside of this oddly placed facility. “Maybe…? No it couldn’t be” You thought as you continued forward to peer down into the mysterious portal. “It doesn’t look that deep, but this gas seems…” The tube seemed thin enough for you to slip into, yet the powerful winds rising from within would have made it hard to descend.
You tried hard to think about when the periodic winds were the weakest, and decided to time them, yet your head throbbed in pain as the gases began to mess with your mind. To you, time felt much slower, and your thinking became distorted, despite only a few minutes having passed. Regardless, you were able to figure out a pattern, and claw your way into the atypical portal.
It didn’t take you many tries of ducking and grasping tightly for you to make it down. In a sense, the time distortion almost seemed to help out. Once you got to the bottom, you looked around checking your safety and adjusting to the queer change in pressure. The scents surrounding you were absolutely refreshing. It was a big step away from the stagnant neutral air within the facility. Your lungs took in the fresh air circulating between the trees, and the oxygen cooled your body. In that moment something seemed to change in you; it had become clear to you how much more suited your body was for this environment than the earlier ones.

Written by Driftingdragon on 07 February 2021

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