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((TF's in this episode: Male Human to Male Liontaur))


Ignoring the bits of hunger gnawing at the back of your mind you nervously pick up the phone and dial one of your close friends. After a somewhat frustrating argument you finally give up trying to convince him of who you are so you lie and tell him that you are in fact your sister. He believes this and reluctantly agrees to come over. Twenty minutes later there's a knock at the door and you crack the door and let him in as you nervously step back and sit on your haunches. At first he just looks at your face since you still bore a remarkable semblance to your old self. Finally his eyes track down across the mounds in your shirt and to the slender feminine lioness body connected to your waist.




He yelps in surprise. You wince and take a hesitant step back as he looks down at you, or rather to your feline half, curiously.


"It's like I told you..." you try to explain. "That medallion I mentioned did this... and now I'm a girl."


"Can... can I touch your fur?" he asks hesitantly. Not seeing any reason to deny this you just nod and seconds later you feel a strange sensation in your feline half as the almost affectionate stroking from the male makes you purr. Suddenly you feel a strong arm around you, hugging you tightly and you blush as you purr louder, feeling warm and safe in the male's grasp. Though something doesn't feel quite right. Looking down you gasp in surprise.


"J...Jake? L..look..." you say, pointing down. As if on cue he looks down and yelps as his pants split open, letting a strong lion's chest spill out the front, strong feline paws hit the floor as Jake panicked and takes a step back, only to find he's now walking on all fours as a liontaur as well, though he's much larger than you and has a rough, thick mane about his waist.


"Crap! It got me too!" Jake says in surprise. "Now what?" he asks. You just shake your head, not really knowing what to do.

Written by LorikFurdin on 22 May 2005

Male You decide to have breakfast.

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