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After a few awkward moments you turn away from the big male and dig through the fridge, finally producing a carton of eggs and you begin to scramble them in a pan on the stove. You can't help but look over at the big taur every few minutes and you blush as you realize just how attractive he looks to you now. You also find a strange sense of happiness when you realize that he's staring at you while you cook. Finally you pad over to the table and snuggle your slender lioness body against his, purring softly as he takes you in his arms and hugs you then sets to eating. You purr and blush, sighing slightly at just how much the change has affected your mind already.


Fortunately you find you're quite capable of eating eggs despite the normal diet of your animal half, and after a few minutes both of you are full and ready to start the day.


What do you decide to do now?

Written by LorikFurdin on 24 May 2005

Male You decide to venture outside.

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