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((TF's Girl to female snow leopard cub :D Cmon guys LOL ^^ email me!))


Realizing its inevitable, you instruct your friend to wait for you and you hesitantly venture out the back door, wondering if maybe other people are changing or if the amulet just affected you and your friend because of how close he got to you. You creep along through the woods behind your house and peer into the backyards of all of your neighbors. It surprises you how naturally your new legs seem to function and for a short time you're even able to ignore the strange warmth in your new breasts.


Finally you spot someone and you gasp as you feel the amulet around your neck become very warm and glow softly.


After a few seconds the glowing fades and the young girl suddenly falls down and thrashes around for a few moments. You watch in horror the girl's flailing limbs become furry and white, she stands and shudders as her mouth and nose merge together into a blunt feline muzzle and she smiles and paws at her thick, snow leopard tail as it grows in.


Horrified you start to run away but are suddenly stopped by the warm glow of the amulet. It pulses lightly and suddenly rises up, lifting off your breasts and finally several feet up into the air before it begins to spin rapidly and finally shatters, scattering rays of strange light through the sky. Unsure of what you've done you race back to the house, leaving the snow leopard cub behind.

Written by LorikFurdin on 24 May 2005

Male Madness Ensues! Reality Compromised!
Male The shards begin to strike the earth.

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