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As Daniel followed the fellow selkie, they both neared the structures up ahead; as they got closer into view, she noticed familiar silhouettes swimming this way and that - just like her own, and the stranger she followed. This was just as Daniel suspected; selkies lived in these magnificent underwater structures, just like her. Most were around her size, others a little bit bigger but not by much. Each selkie had their own unique markings upon their tails as Daniel found herself swimming past a few, with tails of varying natural colors; silvery grey to black, some with spots and others without.


They were incredibly diverse in general appearance too, with different skin tones, hair, and eye colors; yet all seemed to coexist rather effortlessly together, in this unusual, but unique underwater civilization. Definitely unlike any human civilization, that was for sure; everyone seemed to just get along like nothing; if only humans were the same way. In particular, the many hairstyles of these selkies varied as well, from short, medium, to long in length, and while most had their hair loose - a few did have their hair tied back like a human would have it, in short or long ponytails, small buns, and even pigtails.


The surrounding selkies raised their heads in surprise as Daniel swam past them, their curious gazes promptly drifting to the newcomer among them. They wondered just who this new selkie was; if she was a friend or foe, and where she had come from, as it wasn’t often when newcomers appeared out of the blue nowadays. Their community thrived regardless, as clearly shown by the civilization they had created, but most selkies were born within that community - this one certainly hadn’t been. While it was true that humans knew more about space than the ocean, it was still a shock that no one seemed to know this civilization existed; hadn’t there been at least one or two submarines this deep? Hell, Daniel didn’t know for sure - but what she did know was that it seemed his awe met no bounds at this point. Everything was so new to her; this body, these abilities, these selkie civilians and their secret underwater world. She still had so much to get used to and so much to learn; she was willing to, of course, but it was all still so wonderfully strange at the end of the day.


As Daniel swam, she noticed a few of the selkies actually begin to approach her - their curious faces watched her closely, swimming beside the newcomer. Now and then they’d reach out and give her a poke then shrink back, like curious, jumpy children - even Daniel couldn’t help but giggle a bit at their antics. Their little eyes were filled with wonder as they studied her, as if they knew she was something entirely new, despite her appearance; sure, she was a selkie, but they’d never seen her before. She was quite surprised that these selkies were approaching her so eagerly to begin with, but she couldn’t blame them for simply wanting to know more about this stranger in their midst.


Written by monochromecheshire on 16 August 2017

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