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Just like this whole thing was new to Daniel, she was entirely new to them. In a way, that made this experience all the more fascinating for her. A few selkies had even begun to play with her hair, running their little fingers through it, and even leaning in close to study her face. They really were like nosy children, but their antics were totally harmless nonetheless, which made it pretty cute for Daniel to watch. She’d never had this many people interested in her before, especially all at once; it was amusing but adorable just the same to see them behaving in such a childish fashion to someone new.


Daniel couldn’t help but wonder about each and every selkie here, in this amazing underwater civilization - what were they like? What unique personalities did they have, that marked them as special in their own ways? Was it just like with humans, how every single one was different one way or another? It seemed so; but what were they really like? As individuals? Daniel knew she’d never get to know each one here, but she honestly wanted to; they were like her - in her short time wandering around this strange new place, Daniel already wanted to make friends.


The ones back at home had undoubtedly known she was a selkie, judging by their earlier antics in her room. But, their evident shadiness with the situation was a red flag for Daniel, the secrets that had been kept...well, she didn’t quite like it. Sure, they were still the friends she knew and loved, but it had been pretty scary to see them so secretive and prying. Her human friends were unique in their own ways regardless of their recent behavior, so Daniel couldn’t help but wonder if she could find herself making new friends down deep within the ocean too. Could selkies even speak in this form? She hadn’t tried yet.


Daniel went ahead and pondered over the idea as she studied each curious face watching her, and noticed every little hand reaching out for her. Surely they could, seeing as they still had the upper body of a human being. But yet, not a single selkie had spoken to Daniel since she was done here.


Written by monochromecheshire on 19 August 2017


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