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Walking to the end of the cave after about 300 steps away, the river still runs through it. Zubat flap agitated, the blind bat pokemon not wanting to be disturbed with a Vulpix lady holding onto a candle- a flame resting on an open palm.


It’s another creative use of an Ember attack, showing how used you are to being a fire-type pokemon hybrid.


You reach the end of the underground path, and find what looks like the remains of a mining operation with a pickaxe and lantern on the wall. The hanging lantern is lit with your palm, and you find the reservoir still bearing oil to maintain it. You scan the area, and seem to stop as soon as you find a certain spot.


With the lamp, and your improved vision, you are drawn to a particular point. There is a red stone sticking out of the dug path, while other stones of different colors catch your eye. The red one gets brought to a paw, tugged free without much force.


Holding it carefully in front of your eyes, you gasp at the treasure that’s yours to take in.


In a brown translucent stone, a yellow and red fire marking is showing its luster. It’s a Fire Stone, and something your monster side is bringing about a ruckus for wanting.


“Come on, missy,” you tell yourself, wanting time to rationalize the discovery that’s there. “Gotta think this through. This can’t be good for me after everything that’s happened, right?”

Written by PoKeHybridTrainer on 07 October 2021

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