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You set off at a quick pace towards the verdant woodland, eager to see what's set off your canine instincts. It could be prey, which certainly would help you out in the long run. Or it could be something you haven't thought of... Either way, you're more than ready to find out!


Padding through the trees is an oddly comforting thing to you, and you happily look up to watch the sunlight streaming through the branches. You let your nose guide you, a trail of some animal painted clearly in your mind. Better yet, it stops just ahead, and you can't help but wonder what you'll find.


Unable to hold yourself back, you let out an excited bark. "Arf!" You know it might scare away any nearby prey, but that only adds to the thrill of the hunt. If they run, you'll just chase them! This body's potential is endless!




A howl greets the sound of your bark, and you freeze, ears perked in shock and your tail upright. Of all the things you were expecting to find, that certainly wasn't it...


A large male wolf steps from the brush and affixes you with a golden stare, as though he can see deep into your soul.


There's only one thing you can think to do in this situation...

Written by SketchySeraph on 21 April 2016

Both Pretend You\'re Another Wolf
Both Roll Over

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