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"Rrr... Ruff." You say loudly, trying to mimic the sound you made when you first tried to talk. Maybe the wolf won"t maul you if it thinks that you"re one of its own?


To your surprise, the animal rolls his eyes, scoffing. "You know that you can speak if you just try to, right?"


Your eyes widen as your ears interpret the wolf"s growls as though they were spoken in English, and you look to him in shock. "H-hold on, what?" You ask, the growls coming naturally from deep within you.


"Yeah, it surprised me too. Not as much as becoming a male wolf, but... You know." The wolf sighs, loudly, leaping towards you and sniffing you curiously.


"Why would you emphasize the word "male"?" You ask, unable to keep yourself from trying to sate your curiosity. Could it be that this wolf used to not only be a human, but also a woman? What would the odds of that be?


As it turns out, pretty damn good. "I think you know why. And judging from your question, I"m guessing I don"t really have a new female friend?" The wolf huffs, his tail wagging nonetheless. He sighs, then nods towards a spot deep in the woods. "Why don"t we take this back to the home I"ve made? I don"t want to talk out in the open like this; we might be found."


His words bring up so many questions, the most prevalent being: found by whom? Before you can ask, he starts heading off away from you, leaving you with the choice to follow or to be left alone to your own devices.


Whatever you do, it seems like life as a wolf will be far more complicated than you first thought...

Written by SketchySeraph on 22 April 2016

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