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Wait, what if the same thing that overcame his mom happened to them? It would be very hard to get help from people that could not understand you even had a problem.


Daniel glanced at the little toy his mom had called a digivice still clasped in his three fingers. That had to have been what was caused her sudden switch in perspective. Either that or furry arms spark untold levels of self denial about reality.


The clock was already reading eight AM. A phone call might help, but would definitely be pushing it. His stomach gave a hard rumble. Daniel set the digivice on his dresser to pat it with both human and monster hand. Losing one's humanity might be top on the list of priorities but he was also starving.


Maybe the transformation had something to do with his hunger as well. Either way he was going to start losing a lot more than an arm if he did not hurry.




Mom had made one good point; Daniel was not going anywhere without some clothes first. Rushing to the closet Daniel flung the doors open intent on grabbing the first shirt his eyes fell on like any normal guy.




Written by DesmondFallout on 30 July 2018

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