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Hesitantly, you drew yourself close to the group standin up straight. Knowing you could not avoid them forever though, there was no point in being hostile just because of one bad experience. You dipped your head respectfully and the white stallion gave a chuckled neigh.


“Don’t be so tense - you look as if you’ve run into a ghost.” The white stallion conjectured as you smiled. It might as well have been a ghost. That black stallion - but you wanted to erase him from your memory. It had probably been a test trying to get you to turn back, no matter that gate was already closed. You shook your head free of the thought and lifted it from your bow.


“I’m looking for the forbidden castle, can you take me there?” you asked as the dappled stallion seemed a bit impressed. He looked you up and down first before trying to relax his ears.


“You mean the gated castle - only those beyond the valley call it forbidden. Though I don’t suggest going there unless you don’t plan on coming back.” He stated as the brown and white mare spoke finally.


“They must need to though Alikai. Look…. That aura just screams castle.” She turned towards you and it took you a moment to realize that she was staring onward with white blind eyes. Your aura? Was it bad, then again it was almost like that force you felt even now. Pulling you towards that castle where you knew your destiny lay.


“You know how to get to the castle? Can you take me?” You asked eagerly. Stepping forward as the dappled stallion seemed to still be staring you down. The stallion flicked his head for you to follow them.


“It’s about two days from here, if not three. So we better get going. I’m Alikai the mare is Fera and the white stallion that’s Ray.” He introduced them as you dipped your head. You didn’t really want to give your name. It tied you to this world more than they would figure. However Alikai didn’t seem to press you so you didn’t try to bother him about it to begin with. You simply would follow without saying much of anything else. The time ahead was dire - you felt like a hot ticking time bomb.


The first day was spent speaking a bit to the others. It seemed like the three were actually guardian’s of the castle. They had seen many come and go, and none ever returned. However they would note how you seemed different than the world as a whole. In which You did agree in that aspect. Not that you would give them any details - no details on the costumes the zipper that you zipped up to place the costume on. How you had a choice on many things, either way your mind was filled with many things as you spoke to them.


Alikai, the dapple was the leader of the three. Fera the blind one had senses that surpassed anyone among these lands. She was the seer of these lands and often would conjecture on how quiet you were. When you told the group of your adventure with the black stallion. They noted it may have been a spirit trying to deter you from your path. As such you thought if you stayed here for any longer than needed then you would be in some sort of mortal danger. Your own soul could only take so much. That first night…. You finally fell asleep with no nightmares and peacefully regained your energy.

Written by Rivaxorus on 13 June 2017

Male Desert

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