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“Time to get up.” You were jerked awake by a prodding hoof. Fera was smirking at you as she gestured her head towards a running stream. “Better drink up while you can - you never know when you’ll be without it once we hit the desert lands. Just before the castle.” Desert lands? Was it really that desolate around the castle? Regardless you let the questions slip as you followed the blind mare to the river. Leaning down to take a drink. Every time your eyes deceive you, but the tugging feeling in your heart was a permanent reminder that you were not who you were in this skin. You stretched your wings before lifting your head again. Half wishing they could be bigger so you could fly.


“Let’s get a move on - the desert lands aren’t far so drink and eat what you can outlander.” Alikai said as you nodded your head. Looking to Fera as she was still drinking from the river. You slitted your eyes and sighed - the memories you created here were ones you would never be able to forget. After all, friends were always friends and you could not forget them even if they may forget you in the future. You flicked your tail and with one last drink joined the others. Eating some apples to eat from the tree’s before you and the three of them set out. You soon approached the edge of the trees. Hooves hitting sand as you looked up and the castle was outstretched right in front of you. It was huge, if not for the distance you had to cross to get to it.


“We have to leave you from here. We wish you luck. Once you get to the castle you must enter.” Alikai spoke as you turned your head to him. You gave a short gruff neigh, one that was a little sad. As you pressed your head against his and did the same to Fera and Ray each in turn giving them a hug as well. They had been your companions for your last stretch of this journey. The journey was one you could never forget as you took a few steps onto the hot sand. The wind buffed onto your pelt, but you pressed forward still.


Written by Rivaxorus on 18 June 2017

The end (for now)
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