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You took a quick breath and collected yourself for a moment. Your gaze met hers, and you quietly began to explain yourself.
“I’m new here, looking for a uhm… job.” You glanced around, and then back at her. “I was wondering if there's some kind of um…” with crossed arms, she looked you over.
“You want to work here?” You weren’t sure about how qualified you seemed by your lack of social skills, you just wanted to see the puppies.
“Yes!” you spoke up, blushing hard. “Can you, uhh-”
“Here’s a form dearlie” she said to you as she handed you a clipboard. “Take your time with that” She turned to continue her work, you looked over your shoulder at the guide and he gave you a thumbs up.
“Did I do good?” You asked him as you returned to the rows of seating where he stood. You both took a seat to debrief.
“You did great hun!” he said, encouraging. “What’s on that board?” he continued.
“Uhh let me check.” Your eyes glanced over the words, lips moving around the shapes the words made. …………...

Written by DriftingDragon on 19 April 2021

Both Recess watch

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