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“Recess sounds like fun!” you say aloud.
“Do you think you’ll have fun doing that job?” The guide asked you. You pondered for a moment.
“Of course!” you said, perking up. “I love recess.” You continued, “I can handle children with a lot of energy.” his gaze met yours.
“Sounds like a deal then!” he said before turning and leaving the building. You watched him walk away, footsteps echoing farther away from you; a heavy door thuds. Suddenly, the realization was clar: you were alone.
In a moment, it was done. All it took was a flick of your wrist to seal your fate, and then, you returned the clipboard.
“Here you go!” You said, confidently to the receptionist.
“Hmm.” she thought for a moment, glancing between you and the clipboard. “Follow me.” She said, before pushing her way through the heavy double doors of the hospital. You watched as the hallways seemed to pass you by forever, the flickering lights above you glowed yellow, and the stench of sickness overtook your senses. It was stronger in some places than others; you began to feel even more nervous.

Written by DriftingDragon on 21 April 2021

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