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At first, you panic - you hadn’t even realized the floor beneath you was made of glass, nor that you had been so high up! You attempt to scream, but, before the noise can go from your throat to the air, you feel something, like a tug geared at your back.


Then, you realize: you have wings now.


Despite the panic coursing through your veins, you tap into that sensation of the appendages jutting from your back. As strange as it is, you are able to feel them as if they had been a part of you since you were born - you move them, up and down, slow at first before you briskly gain speed. And soon enough, you are hovering more effectively in mid-air.


You take a moment to catch your breath, to let your heart calm itself.


Then, of course, the reality you are FLYING sets in.


For a moment, you remain hovering there, watching little shards of glass from the floor above sprinkle down to the ground before they seem to just disappear from existence. You marvel at the sensation of floating in the air, along with the sensation of wings casually flapping.


It’s a lot to take in, you think. More than you had ever expected, to be sure. But, you internally adjust a lot quicker than you thought possible, and after a pause to contemplate, you decide to fly around to test out these new wings of yours.


The area you are in is massive, the air clean and filled with a variety of different scents that fill your beak nose thanks to the wind - a wind that is cool, yet comforting, and seems to caress your fur-covered skin while you fly around.


You don’t do anything too crazy; you experiment with ascending and descending, gliding, and then seeing how strong you can move these wings.


You are surprised that your wings are able to create strong gusts of wind that ripple from where you are all the way to the ground, kicking up dust despite the distance. You marvel at this, before curiosity pokes at your mind. You turn and peer back to where you came from, only to find a few things have changed.


The glass floor of the weird room has now been repaired. The massive opening from where you’d fallen from is gone, but even strange, the room looks like it’s just floating in the sky. There doesn’t look to be anything attached to any end.


“What in the world?” you mutter.


You rub your eyes - startled at first by the fact your hands are slender, covered in soft fur, and now missing a finger - then make sure you aren’t imagining things. Nope, you aren’t. That glass room is still there, casually sitting in the sky as if it were attached to something, somewhere.


You wonder if you’ve gotten sucked into some sort of alternate universe. Wonderland, maybe? A comic book universe? Willy Wonka’s crazy chocolate factory? There are boundless options to pick from, but, you decide to shrug it off for the time being. No sense in worrying over things like that when… well, when you don’t know what else to do with yourself.

Written by Hollowpages on 05 December 2019

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