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You flutter down to the ground - a soft patch of grass greets your furry feet. It feels quite nice against your skin, and while some part of your brain - the logical part, no doubt - is very much still afraid, confused, and bewildered at all that’s happened, you can ignore it fairly easily, you find.


But then, you look about, taking in the sights.


You see the river stretching on before you, splitting into several different rivers in the distance, although that’s as far as you can see - these are teeming with fish, fish you see jumping up and down from the water like something out of a Disney movie. It looks like the rivers might lead to an even larger body of water, maybe, but you would have to venture down it to find out.


To your left, you see a massive mountain range in the distance, with a large open plateau between you and the mountains. There are trees here and there, and you spot several animals - a herd of deer, a herd of moose, and even a herd of cows, all grazing on the grass, although each herd is far apart. You ponder how weird it is to see three different groups of animals like that.


To your right, you see a thick forest - trees that stretch toward the sky jut from the ground, and you can hardly see far into it. You can hear, however, a variety of birds singing and chirping about - and the breeze that seems to come from that direction is quite warm and inviting. You pause, and for a few seconds, you swear you see a person, but they vanish from view seconds later.


And then, behind you, you… you frown when you see what’s behind you.


There is a fox - a red fox - sitting on a stump, and it’s watching you. At first, you brush this off and attempt to look over it, yet you can’t help but come back to check on the fox. Because the way it’s looking at you, and the way it seems to be smiling, gives you chills. It appears almost humanlike in how it’s staring.


You look around. You could continue to fly about, but, you see that you have four different options for what to do with yourself. You suppose you can try them all, but, for now, you have to choose where to go

Written by Hollowpages on 08 December 2019

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