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"I guess this is what happens when you take your larping to the next level." You think to yourself as the two guards lead you into an immaculate palace. The towering pillars stretched far over your head and reached several meters high. Their carved cylindrical shapes worked as a sturdy thick-based support for the towering relief connecting the gigantic decorated stone.
Your mind raced as the guards led you into the spacious courtyard stationed directly in front of an opulent throne. Sitting atop the magnificent chair was a much larger and older lion. His dark brown mane blew in the dry desert winds; the slits of his pupils never broke contact with your own as you entered the belly of the beast.
The throne room was way larger than you could have imagined. Your weak bound wrists hung lazily in front of you as the guard yanked and jerked you forward. Trying not to stumble you keep your head held high in awe as you experienced the ancient capital at its golden ages firsthand. The palace was adorned with reeds growing from their artificial rivers carved through the dusty yellow sandstone.
"Sure beats the tour" you think to yourself, trying to make light out of this dark situation.
A heavy ball of ice sat in your anxious stomach as you were brought up before the pharaoh. The throne itself was gilded with a shiny reflective gold color, reflecting the pale in saturated yellows and sandy tan of the surrounding environment. Colorful gems of blue, red, and green adorn the throne. The gilded armrests held a set of muscular forearms set firmly against the smooth surface of the cut stone. Workers and servants made way for you, as you’re presented to their leader and pushed to your knees as you faced the towering seat.
Your heard almost seemed to jump out of your chest as you saw a familiar rucksack sat directly next to the decorated chair. Your mind begins to ponder new plans to escape, as it’d be way easier with the resources you’ve brought with you. In the opposite corner, another artifact caught your eye: A new costume. Sealed up in an ancient display case next to the throne. Suddenly the pharaoh regains your attention.
Sitting on the throne above you a magnificent lion whose mane was decorated with opulent jewellery, golden bracelets, and a thin white sheet of cloth, draped down over his shoulders. A tall magnificent bejeweled crown sat firmly atop his fluffy mane, sinking into its coarse hairs as it flattened the hair atop his head. And empty clay bowls, with a coating of a thick black substance dripping along its lining. Without a word he idly swings his head around to make sure he is alone with you, and his guards. The only sound in the acoustic hallway was the soft padded sounds of footpaws walking against the smooth tiled floors; the guards broke the silence.

Written by Driftingdragon on 07 January 2020

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