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"Pharaoh Aman! We have found the rogue sir!" barks one of two generals on either side of you, they released your tied arms from their tight vice grip
"Very good" he replies, you notice his growing interest upon entering the great hall. "Now leave us" he concludes.
The two guards tie your bound hands to a stake near the side of the throne room. Their footsteps grew distant as they left you alone with their mighty king. He forces his heavy body up from his sitting position and begins to approach you. The rank sweaty smell of his body fur mixed with the fermented tang of his breath as his mouth hung half open, panting heavily as he towers above you.
With a muscular hand he gently caresses your face. He grabbed your chin, forcing your slit eyes to once again meet his. When you noticed his gentle yet painful expression the fear began to melt away into a more analytical kind of curiosity. You jerked your head away aggressively to break eye contact with the opulent beast.
"Aaah my Bastet, still fiery as always." He said to you in a cold and serious tone before turning away from you and walking back towards his throne. The pharaoh loudly cleared his throat with a booming cough which echoed through the hard walls. "Of course I never figured Id see you here again after your betrayal. I had always thought you just completely disregarded our betrothal, the rights to all your land and titles," his calm relaxed voice started to grow into louder shouting. "You disregarded the love I gave you."
His breaking voice suddenly trailed off; he quickly composed himself. "You know, you were missed around here." He turns around to face you once again, looking down on you as he stood on the much higher throne platform. "And this is why I plan on granting you another chance, to live here in the palace with me." Your stomach began to churn as you listened to the mans monologuing.
The both of you merely looked at each other in silence, the tension in the air became thick enough to cut with a blade as the moments felt like centuries. "You can be allowed to live and serve in the palace as a slave, of course you wouldn’t be treated like those dirty street animals, but you would have to pledge your fealty to me and the kingdom." He looked down at you directly in the eye "you would have to serve at my will until the end of your life, and if I were to die you would get buried alive right alongside your king…." You watch as his eyes trail their way downward, checking out the defined curves of your body as he stepped even closer than before. "And if you choose not to, then you will be simply eliminated."
Your breathing began to speed up in fear, feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place, thinking about your life as a slave here wasn't easy for you to accept. Your hands began to shake as the words struggled to form in your throat. The lion pulled away swiftly, still watching your body as you stand there in your tattered clothing.
"I will give you a day to think about it." He said quietly in your direction. "Guards! Take her to the prison." He said much louder as he clapped his massive paws together, calling back the two guards from earlier. They rough you up as to intimidate you, though your demeanor remained calm.
You wanted to appear strong in the presence of the king, but when you returned to a dark and lonely cell you couldn’t help but baul your eyes out for hours as you pondered the terrible possibilities of your new life. Most of the day passed you by before you had suddenly remembered something.
"My bag" you said to yourself, remembering the tour guides words about your new souvenir. “Poison…” An image of your rucksack sat firmly next to the kings throne flashed in your head suddenly. "I wonder" you thought to yourself as you spent the rest of the night pondering an escape plan.

Written by Driftingdragon on 08 January 2020

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