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The following morning you were awoken by the thin bright slits of light shining in through the opening doors. Your eyes slowly adjusted to the sharp beams of sun through the cracked metal doors, the only things apparent to you were the backlit figures standing in the doorway. Your heart began to beat faster with every step they took closer to you. They roughly grabbed you by your arms
They lead you back into the throne room, the pillars continue to baffle you as the cold tile beneath your feet echoed endlessly through the winding hallways. The fountain bubbles in the distance, its sound growing louder as you approach the large clearing within the palace. The slits of your pupils retract as you emerge from the dark hallways.
Standing just beyond the doorway was the Pharaoh, he greeted you and his guards, almost immediately gesturing his court to leave.
“So have you thought about my offer?” He asked you, looming over you closer than yesterday. His arms trapped you beneath his muscular figure, his breath stank of the musty smell of fermented beverages. You peeked past him to see your rucksack in the same spot as yesterday. Tapping into your deepest larping skills, you force a gentle smile across your face as you gaze deeply into the pharaoh's golden slit eyes.
“Yes your majesty. I choose to serve you for the rest of my life.” Amen smiled grizzly rows of sharpened teeth. “I would love to serve you and rise to power as your slave queen, never to defy your rule again.” You walk closer to the throne, easing your way over to your bag, never breaking eye contact with the enormous pharaoh.
“Then prove it.” He says, quickly grabbing you by your thin wrists, the pink flesh wrinkles up with the force of his powerful grasp. This frightened you, the adrenaline pumped through your body as you watched his eyes undress you once again. “I think you know what to do next. Bastet.” He roughly let go, giving you one last stern stare. “Come.” he said as he began walking into the hallway.
Your agile body smoothly swept you over to your backpack, your memory as sharp as a tack, quickly whisking out your scarab coin purse in one swift motion, with your skinny dexterous tail. Just before he notices you fix your posture to appear unsuspicious, you watch as he turns to urge you into the room faster. He leads you into a room with beautifully colored silks hanging from the ceiling. The center of the room contained an enormous bed, circular, and with rich purple dyes.
“I’ll be back shortly.” He leaves you locked in the room unattended, “I expect you to be prepared by then.” The both of you look over to the corner of the room, containing a small assortment of skimpy clothing. Your stomach sinks as you replay your plan in your head, hoping that everything goes as smoothly as you had expected, unless you may become more familiar with that assortment than you felt comfortable with.
King leaves the room, slamming the door with a mighty swing on the way out. You instantly search your tattered pockets for your artifact to find that the scarab beetle is now sticky and covered with a thick sap. In a quick moment of struggling, you finally open the air-tight seal of your locket. Inside, the flower from earlier, covered in the thick resin.

Written by Driftingdragon on 09 January 2020

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