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Doing a few deep breaths in the hopes of calming herself down, Daniel went ahead and made her way back to the mirror to take another look at herself. Growing uneasy, she angled her head this way and that, studying the unusual, feline structure of it; she had never seen a tiger up close before, led alone a bipedal one for that matter. This was still terrifying, but odd most definitely now that she thought about it.


As she angled her head, Daniel opened her mouth when she took notice of the horribly sharp teeth lining her jaws, fear striking her core at the sight - she definitely hadn’t seen that up close before, either. Her teeth were pristine and white, but incredibly sharp and pointed at the tips; filling her jaw from top to bottom with deadly hunting tools. The idea of nipping at someone with those pearly whites was enough to spook Daniel; jeez, it seemed nothing could ease her nerves at this point. She was quick to close her mouth so she didn’t get another look at those wretched teeth, focusing on the reflection with piercing golden eyes staring back at her.


What was she supposed to do, now that she was some fuzzy tiger beast? How come her mother didn’t panic, and yet, Daniel was losing her mind over this? She couldn’t wrap his head around it; not with such a startling appearance and drastic species change. What if her friends panicked, or were terrified of Daniel; or hell, what if they had no real reaction just like her mother? Daniel’s mind started to drop down the rabbit hole again as she worried senselessly over hurting her friends; what if she couldn’t control her claws and accidentally scratched someone, or if someone scared her and she bit them?


The nonsensical possibilities swarmed her brain and sent Daniel into a brief panic attack as she shrank back against the wall, gripping her head in her hands as her heart thudded wildly under her newly furred chest, her tail swishing frantically beneath her legs. “Oh gosh, this can’t be happening; I could hurt people…” Daniel caught herself muttering the panicky words, helping as she realized her own claws had popped out and she had been digging them into her head on accident, pricking her skin hard enough to cause the girl to release her grip with a frightened gasp.


Gosh, what was the matter with her? It seemed Daniel just couldn’t keep herself together, nor could she control those darn claws - and all of this seemed to freak her out even more. Shaking, Daniel shrank back and pulled her paws down from her hand, glancing down at them in panic for the millionth time that day. It seemed just as she thought she was calm, she’d panic all over again and the difficult cycle would repeat; calm, then panic, calm, then panic - and this was absolutely no way to live, now that she thought of it.


How the hell was she supposed to survive like this, let alone deal with her friends and family in this odd form? There was no way she could if she kept freaking out, but honestly...who could blame her? It wasn’t everyday when someone woke up and turned into a girl, let alone a tiger girl! The whole thing was absurd, scary, and honestly the weirdest thing Daniel had ever gone through - but that didn’t make it any less uncomfortable or frightening.

Written by Jasondicks on 26 September 2019

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