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Uneasy, Daniel glanced around frantically before spotting her phone on the bedside dresser. She hurried over - admittedly almost tripping over her own tail - and scooped up the smartphone, tapping away at the passcode to grant herself access. Maybe she could call someone - yeah, someone who could help! Perhaps her friends would know what to do; as terrifying as it was to approach them in such a form, her friends were her only shot at this point. After all, her mother didn’t seem bothered at all by what was going on.


Daniel needed someone who’d be on her side, and share her concern. Surely her friends couldn’t fail her now. Scrolling around on her smartphone till she reached her contacts, Daniel scanned the list of familiar names and matching icons. It took her a moment before she located the name of one of her closest friends, Allen - surely he could come over and help in Daniel’s time of need, or so she hoped. Tapping the name and holding the phone awkwardly in her paw, Daniel lifted it to the rounded tiger ear on her head as it began to ring.


A few rings passed, but her anxiety spiked with how many rings it was taking; usually, Allen would’ve answered by now! He hardly missed Daniel’s calls.


“Come on…Allen, come on!” Daniel growled in frustration, only to jump a little, startled at the feline growl that emitted from her lips; jeez, even the noises she made were enough to freak the poor girl out.
Shifting uncomfortably where she stood, Daniel waited a few more rings till finally, Allen picked up, and relief washed over Daniel.


“Allen! Dude, you have to help me!”


Daniel’s panicky voice sounded through the phone to Allen, someone who Daniel thought would be his saving grace. They’d been friends since preschool; surely his buddy could help him out.


“Whoa, whoa, hold up - what the hell’s going on? Man, you sound freaked - and...uh, kinda like a girl.” Allen’s concerned voice responded, sounding quite puzzled as well.


“Explain first then we’ll talk, dude. You’re freaking me out a little. Is this some stupid prank?” He questioned, a hint of annoyance easing into his tone.


“No, no, no! I’m totally serious, this isn’t a prank, I swear! I’m in trouble, Allen! I woke up this morning and I- um...changed?”


Daniel almost facepalmed; she would’ve, had it not been for the paw and claws hidden in her fingertips. What a terrible way to word it; she was terrified Allen would assume this was a joke and hang up on her. She had to recover, and quickly, before she lost her chance to get reliable help.


“What do you mean “changed” dude? Well, your voice sure, but - you sound like you’re just messing with me.” Allen replied firmly - it wasn’t the first time Daniel had done a playful, harmless prank on him, so he knew better than to let his guard down too much.


They loved to mess with eachother in good fun on occasion, hence why Allen was still standing firm on the possibility.


“I dunno man, you’ve screwed around with me before, how do I know you’re not doing it now?”


“You just have to trust me, man! I know I’ve pranked you before but like, I’m serious this time! Listen, if I tried to explain it now, you’d just hang upon me. I need you to come over. Please; no one else will listen to me!” Daniel exclaimed on the phone, feeling his panic rise up and worsen.


What if his buddy didn’t show up? What if he totally brushed him off? He’d have to scramble and hope his other pals would answer, let alone believe he was in trouble.

Written by Jasondicks on 28 September 2019

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