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Gideon’s eyes widened. “Hey… How do you know my name?”


“You kidding me? Your mind is like an open book; it was way too easy to take a peek. But don’t worry, I just did a tiny bit of a surface glance to check you out and found your name.” Gideon felt a cold sweat start to form down his back. Zachariah’s lips turned upward into a self-amused smirk. Who the hell was this guy? In spite of his welcoming appearance, no matter what though, Gideon couldn’t shake this odd feeling, a kind of energy surrounding the shapeshifter that proved even further there was a lot more to him than at first impressions. A psychic and a shapeshifter all in one? Something told Gideon this was only scraping the surface of this intimidating entity.


Gideon hoped changing the topic would make things a little less uncomfortable, at least for him. “How’d I get here?”


“Yeah, you hopped right into my domain while you were unconscious.” The shapeshifter mutters under his breath, “And here I thought I secured this place tighter than a miser’s wallet.”


Gideon shook his head confused. “Hopped in here?”


“Meaning you came into my universe. Either a special rift opened up near you or someone sent you here, I can’t tell. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter.”


“Your universe…?”


He put up his hand. “It’s a long a story and there’s no point in standing around here all day. You can’t leave here without me, and I don’t want to let you off yet; you interrupted some of my personal time when I sensed you hop in and came to check you out. So… you’ll get to be my entertainment for a while.”


“Err…” Gideon stammered with his mouth agape. Oh god, what was he going to do to him?


Zachariah snickered and lightly tapped his fingers against Gideon’s head. “Relax. I just wanna play tour guide and host. It’ll be fun, trust me.” The young man had an uncomfortable, forced grin on his face. He rolls his eyes, “Anyway, you’ve got one of two destinations, Gideon. Either you can venture back with me to my humble abode, or you can come with me to pay a visit to some friends of mine. Both of which aren’t too far. Which would you prefer?”


Written by KnightofFellsia on 19 April 2018


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