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He smiles. “You’ll like it, I promise.” With a wave of his hand and a wink, Zachariah bids Gideon to follow, “Come hither.” Gideon reluctantly follows beside him. They walk through the alien forest and Zachariah keeps looking at him with a grin and a look in his eye, practically awaiting a barrage of questions from Gideon. But he didn’t get any. The young man tried not to look Zachariah in the eye and didn’t open his mouth. The fear coming off of him was more palpable than an animal trapped in a cage with a predator. Zachariah gradually lost his smile.


After about ten minutes of awkward silence, Zachariah stops dead in his tracks. He lets out a sigh and shakes his head. “Yeah, I can’t keep up with this. This is way too uncomfortable for my liking, and I’m not going to walk for over an hour in the silence of a man who thinks he’s going to be torn to pieces.”


The shapeshifter quickly transformed himself, morphing and bending his body while his pale skin hardened into hard, black scales. His head grew scales as well and gained notable plates along his skull. Large slits containing fiery-red eyes with reptilian irises replaced those vaguely human ones. Dull humanoid teeth sharpened themselves into beds of broken glass and canines elongated further into proud fangs. A long, writhing tail akin to a scaled scythe sprouted from his rear and abyssal wings like a cape erupted from his back and spread wide open. A bizarre smoke like black starlight escaped from his mouth and nostrils.


Written by KnightofFellsia on 24 April 2018


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