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Before Gideon could decide how he should panic or start running, the dragon-like creature lunged at him and flipped him into the air with its snout. Gideon landed on Zachariah’s back. Stunned from the sudden force, he puts his hand to his head as he rises. The dragon turns its head back and looks at him. In a deep, guttural voice Zachariah says, “Hold on tight. You might not like this.” Gideon had only moments to barely process his words, doing what he was told without even meaning to, gripping onto long scales.


Leaping into the air, Zachariah’s wings flapped, sending gusts of wind that shook the trees with each beat. He then propelled himself and Gideon high into the sky, leaving the forest low before them; the sheer velocity made Gideon feels as if he were on the mother of all rollercoasters. When they were high enough, Zachariah leveled off and allowed them to glide at a meandering pace. Other than wanting to throw up a little and having sore hands with buried scale imprints, Gideon was none worse for wear. A comforting, cool breeze whooshes past Gideon’s face and gives him some reprieve.


Getting his bearings, he looks around him and his mouth opens in astonishment. Mountains ribbed the landscape and rise high into the sky where their summits are topped in a thick layer of white. Grasslands of colored grass flourish below and past the forests. Ornate, decorated white stone pillars and markers dotted the landscape. Flying further, a sight steadily became more visible at the edge of the horizon; vast oceans of dark blue like molten sapphires reigned supreme and wildlife circled around those waters, where giant creatures like sea leviathans jumped in and out in a dance.


Written by KnightofFellsia on 04 May 2018


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