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Pammy was reluctant at first, but after a series of persuasion, she finally caved in. It seemed like the girl could finally learn to understand Daniel’s situation a bit, given that the former boy was now a fellow female as well.


“Alright, fine, you can stay, but you have to keep quiet about this,” the girl finally said, and Daniel couldn’t help but to a little dance at the given permission (her girly parts might have been exposed in that process, and Pammy had to remind the now female from exposing herself to the stupidly ogling boys).


Jake was rather disappointed that Daniel had decided to go with the other girl, but it seemed that it couldn’t be helped.


When they arrived, Pammy had to sneak Daniel in. They had to be careful because Pammy didn’t want to scare off her family.


Her family live in a suburban house in a peaceful complex. Pammy had two younger sisters who were just a stylish and popular as her among their own peers. Her parents were much more conservative than Daniel had thought they would be.


The girl hard tried hard to hide the other female’s presence, but when one kept snuggling food to the attack, someone was bound to take notice.


Daniel wasn’t sure if she should stay for long though. She had been intruding Pammy’s place for as long as she did, even provided with food and a place to stay. The female unicorn didn’t want to intrude much further than she already was.


Written by Stella Purple on 13 July 2017

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