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It was Pammy’s mother who had first discovered the secret, thought surprisingly, she had been rather accepting of Daniel’s unfortunate situation. Her father had been eased in into the situation by his wife before they met. The middle-aged married couple were so kind to Daniel, and the female unicorn couldn’t have been anymore grateful. When she had been introduced to Pammy’s sisters, the girls had been awestruck and amazed. The two of them had been through the unicorn phrase, and meeting a real life unicorn such as Danny (the nickname they gave to her) had been such an extravagant experience. They couldn’t spread the news, of course, considering that not everyone might be as accepting to Danny as the family did.


Pammy hard character eventually grew softer. The girl couldn’t stay hating Danny forever, not when the female unicorn had eventually become such a huge part of their family. The sisters even did sleepover with Danny, an activity which the sisters had long abandoned when their eldest had reached adulthood. Somehow, through the connection of Danny, the sisters were able to grow closer once more.


Written by Stella Purple on 16 July 2017

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